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New Skype 5.0 Is Making Its Wave

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Dec, 2010 22:08:28

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Now using Skype will never be the same again. There’s a new version of Skype that’s making its wave and hitting almost all internet savvy individuals today. Of course, calling other people using Skype is still free, provided that those you are calling also uses Skype, otherwise, Skype’s flat rate for calling mobile and home phones locally and internationally is reasonable and at an affordable cost. You can use Skype to Skype calling whenever and whenever the need arise. In fact even if you are in the most remote places you can still use Skype if you have a broadband connection using a USB and laptop.


There are many uses of Skype on a regular daily basis like calling to check your love ones at home either online or a regular phone, greeting your friends, colleagues, and family on a special occasion, giving a soulful kiss to your special someone via video calling or you can use for regular and business call conferencing. With its new version 5.0, Skype is making its wave to fulfill its vision of a better chatting and calling service it only can give. The crystal clear sound and lively video capabilities can never be equaled by other chatting and calling service. Skype is free and easy to download. You can also avail of the Skype business version for better corporate conferencing and exchange of communications.


Another great thing from using Skype 5.0 is that you can text and call your friends via Phonebook and Facebook news feed. You can also use its beta group video wherein you can get together with your colleagues and love ones using this feature. It also automatically recovers dropped calls and it has easier to use design.


It’s so easy to use the beta video calling feature of Skype 5.0 specially made for Windows (all versions). The procedure is as follows:


·         Sign in to your account using the new Skype 5.0 version

·         You just have to click on a contact and add more people to the conversation

·         Click the video call button

·         Select get group video from the pup-up message


It’s really that easy. It’s so simple to use the new Skype 5.0, right?


One piece of information to keep in mind is that the group video calling is a beta feature which means that Skype is still working out on its progress, but you may still go ahead, make your first try and remember that everyone on the call needs version 5.0 of Skype for a group video calling to function.


You may now download this fresh new Skype version 5.0 for better chatting, text messaging, calling, and video conferencing pleasure that surely your entire family will enjoy. Nevertheless, if you go to the actual Skype website, you can never get to experience what this brief article has talked about.


Use the new Skype 5.0 for better communication, whether it’s personal, business, or anything under the sun when it comes to virtual calling purposes. It’s truly remarkable to have this new version from Skype Corporation. C’mon, join the bandwagon!

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