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On-Line Back-up

by: Ailene B. Misa | 19 Feb, 2010 09:25:53

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Everyday there are different problems encountered in different computer terminals.  The worst problem one can encounter is computer crash, most especially when you failed to have a back-up file of your important documents.  When we say computer crash it means computer’s data that was totally destroyed.  There are some cases that you can retrieve your files but there is no guarantee that you can do it all the time. 

 As a computer user, you must be very cautious in creating back-up of your files.  As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”.  This is if you don’t want to see yourself having too much headache simply because of data loss.  You really have to start backing up your files.

 What are the different ways to perform back-up?

At present, we have many ways of performing data back-up.  Traditionally we use paper; we print all important documents like agreement and contracts.  But then, paper or print-out quality fades as time goes by.  This is why there are companies that scan their documents.

 Aside from these we have different storage devices for back-up purposes.  We have the external hard drive, optical discs or flash disk.   The only problem one might encounter when using low quality storage devices or what we so called cheap devices, is that you might encounter problem on the later part.  Like it may not function well and it might be not that reliable in the future use. 

 There are different flash disk available in the market, I suggest that you get those with higher capacity and has good cover.  Most flash disk last for almost 10 years. 

 If you opt to choose optical discs, the only problem that you might encounter is when there will be scratches on your disc.  You should be very careful in using optical discs.

 External drive is very affordable that comes in higher capacity.  I can say it is one of the recommended options for back-up.  But you have to make sure that you should be very strict in your .  Once this external drive will be infected by virus, it can destroy your entire file.

 If you will be using computer storage media, you must settle for those with good quality.  Most of the storage devices work well for at least ten (10) years. 

 Are these the only options?

 Well, no we have another option which is the on-line back-up.  Most organizations started using these options. 

 So how do I mean with “on-line back-up”?  Literally, you have to be connected over the Internet to upload your back-up file.  These files can be kept for a long period of time.  Also, it can be easily access by any authorize person from your organization. 

 Most of the organizations started using on-line back-up.  They say it is more reliable, accessible and affordable.  When it comes to security, they provide better file security.  You are very sure that your files are secured and cannot be loss.

 There are different providers of this kind of service.  One of the leading on-line back up provider is Pronto from United Kingdom.  It offers wide features including security, affordability, and accessibility giving you an on-line protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

 There are many on-line back-up providers worldwide.  You may search for one over the Internet and try how it works,

 Make it a habit to back-up your files ALWAYS! :-)

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