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Online Privacy Risks And Hacking Activities: 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 20 Jan, 2011 15:23:43

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You are still at risks even if you say and know that you’re computer is fully protected with the presence of firewalls and software for antivirus because your system is still vulnerable with various hacking activities that are done in secret.

The back door of your computer system can be opened and accessed by persons who are not authorized through the use of the internet which is one form of intrusion of your privacy is called Hacking.

Even if Hacking is an illegal cyber activity, there are still a lot of individuals who are into it and cause misfortunes and serious harm to others.

The dangers of hacking have leveled-up into a new ball game for hackers which can put your online financial and monetary information as well as your identity into a chaotic situation.

Be careful of the software you are installing or downloading because it may turned into medium hackers can use to penetrate your computer system. There is a short program that can transmit data to the cyberspace undetected which is called Trojan a well known Spyware that can cause main problems on your computers.

It is very sad to realize that even after the illegal online activities of hackers passed, those innocent victims still don’t have a mere idea of what did happen on their PC systems not until Trojans revealed. You may not even aware of hacking activities running on your system and identifying the source of hacking is really hard whether it is currently in use or has been turned on or even while you read this article, you may never know.

The cyberspace is an open dungeon for hackers to have big chances in accessing your PC from remote places. It is a universal truth that hackers may come from distant locations even from the farthest places on Earth.

You may take note that if your internet connection is up and running and you keep your connection open all-day all-night long, the chance your PC being hacked is higher and could be a link to a great disaster. So, you may not keep your connection running after doing your day’s online tasks. Remember to keep your connection off while you are not on your desk.

On the other hand, you need to know the fact that your PC itself is away from the dangers of hacking if you switch it off notwithstanding the fact that your connection for the internet is running.

(We will continue our discussion on the concluding part of our article- Online Privacy Risks And Hacking Activities: 2)

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