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PC Troubleshooting and Repair Training. Learn How to build a Career in Computer Repair

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 18 Oct, 2010 08:02:54

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Getting the best IT training for PC Troubleshooting and Repair is one of the most essential steps to become a Computer Technician. Start by looking for Training Centers that are proven to be effective on what they are doing and are offering certifications to prove that you are making progress on  what your are doing.

We all know that every small to large companies are using computers to run their daily operations and even average class and middle class homes are equip with computers. That is why being able to repair and troubleshoot a computer will definitely give you a better career than doing other stuff for your life.

Learning to repair and troubleshoot a computer requires perseverance and hard work. You can not become a computer technician overnight. You need to invest time, money and energy to become a proficient computer repair man

To begin your joerney into the computer repair world start by surfing around the internet for books and articles on how to repair a computer. A basic understanding of how computer works is a good way to learn how to troubleshoot a computer.

Attending a short course on PC Hardware and Software troubleshooting and repair with zero knowledge about a computer is highly not reccommended you will only be wasting your money because you will not be able to catch up with your fellow trainees, you will be left behind figuring out what the hell is this and that. Start from the scratch get the basic book for How computer works?

Once you are done learning the basics of computers. Register for Hands On short courses for PC Repair You have to cough up some money for this but this will surely help you become a computer technician.

When attending short courses like this. Dont rely on the topics that your trainer will teach you everyday because some important topics might  not be discussed by your trainer. Make sure you are doing your homework everyday always read the topics to be discussed the next day and try to build two or more questions from this topic which you will ask your trainer the next day, In this way you are making sure that every penny you spent for your IT training will be worth a thousand more.

Short Training courses are usually built on Hands ON learning approach. You need to participate try to be very active in doing all the Hands on activities. Dont think you already know how to do this or that simply by looking at how your trainer demonstrate the hands on activity.

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i am working for 8 hours a day and still want to enroll computer course like pc assembly.does your company have scheduled during sunday?

@ Anna Maria Magallanes

Yes we will have Sunday schedule just keep visiting to our site. Thank you.

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