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Philippines: A Dump Site for Pirated Gadgets?

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jun, 2010 18:09:21

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Computers, laptops, cellphones, all these and more copycat gadgets from other countries are currently available in the market. Hidden business establishments continually progress by producing these illegal stuffs. Thanks to the light punishments. Everyone dares to step on against anti-piracy law as the bail is easy to gain with the illegal business’s earnings. Nope, the bail isn’t heavy enough to stop unlawful copying. I won’t even be surprised if it’s already considered as a part of the capital in running the business. In the first place, what makes these businesses prosper when in fact it is illegal? It is because they are patronized, and sadly by us.

Beliefs Why Piracy Is Not Accepted As Crime

We, Filipinos manage to keep up with latest trends of hi-tech gadgets in spite of poverty. Believing that technology is everybody’s possession, almost everyone do not accept if not understand what is intellectual property. To most, a name is but a name and imitating is appreciation, a reason why piracy is not accepted as crime. How is this belief instilled in most of us is because of our traditional principle that craft of mind won’t be as valuable as work of hands. Stealing idea is not as heavy as robbing things. A fake is something that doesn’t work, not somewhat that imitates original.

Another explanation why technology piracy becomes tolerable is due to thriftiness. Feeling guilty of spending too much for a viewed luxury thing like gadget, we see to it that we bought the lowest price possible.  If the thingamajig seems to be of good quality, then it’s bought. Never mind if it’s obviously fake.

Effects of Piracy: Facts Why Piracy Is Not Acceptable

Accept it or not, nothing works better than the original. Legally produced gadgets had undergone series of durability tests. Moreover, they have safety features that ensure the welfare of its users. Gadgets may be luxurious, but they are still investments. There had been instances when these pirated gadgets malfunction and caused damages not only to properties but to people as well. Are you willing to invest on something that will endanger your life or those who are dear to you? God forbid…you won’t be sure if these imitations cause fire. You may be spending less to buy it now, but you may loss more than what the original costs.

Piracy is stealing, and stealing is a crime. Pirates rob those who earn their living the honest way. Forget the CEO’s of laptop companies, think what would happened to the workers if these companies fall down. Now, tell me. Would you still patronize pirated?

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why the philippines is called a big dumpsite?
and what is cause of that problem?

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