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Photoshop Short Course

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 18 Feb, 2011 21:13:28

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Now, those people who have earned computer basic knowledge and Windows Applications working knowledge and still like to learn about adobe Photoshop then they need to enroll to our 24-hour short course named Adobe Photoshop CS2 under Web Design Courses category of short courses offered by CNCTC, Inc.

There are 10 lessons for this basic course training for Photoshop.

Lesson one is about Photoshop Getting Selection Tools that include tools for basic selection followed by tools for lasso then about lasso which is magnetic; magic wand; quick mask; quick mask working; channels and mask selections; and slices.

The second lesson is about Images Navigation and Editing starting with images panning and zooming followed by panel of navigator; view management; moving, aligning, and distributing; tool for moving; tools for direct and path selection; and multi ole paths & vector shaped.

Third lesson will be regarding Brushes and Pencil Tools beginning with brush tool followed by brush tools utilization then palette for brushes exploration; details of brushes palette; scattering; textures and dual brushes; history brush; and art history brush.

Lesson four tackles about Cloning and Healing Tools usage starting with tool for clone or rubber stamp followed by unwanted elements removal then skin cloning; brush for healing; and patch tool for healing.

The fifth lesson will focus on Tools used as gradient, fill, and eraser that start with paint bucket followed by fill options; sharpen tool; smudge tool; smudge tool working; dodge and burn; sponge tool; dodge and burn usage; and dodge & burn focusing.

Sixth lesson centers on Effects Tools which topic begins with focus tools followed by blur tool then gradient tool; panel for gradient editing; gradient creatively usage; styles for gradient; masks for gradient; details of masks and selections; and erasers for magic & background.

The seventh lesson will talk about Type Tool working that begins with type tool; type options; tips for type tool; panel for warp text usage; rasterizing type; and styled type.

Lesson eight is regarding Paths, Vectors and Masks working which begins with pen tool using followed by vector shapes then masks; and details of vector shapes.

Ninth lesson is about Tools for Annotations, Notes and the Measure starting with annotations and notes followed by tool of eye dropper and about its utilization; color sampler; and measure tool.

The concluding part will primarily focus on Top Quality Artwork creation which begins with montage creation followed by image missing parts fixing then utilizing the pen as a brush; background adding; artistic detail application; and type layers & vector shape.

For more information, you may follow the link provided from here:

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where can i enroll adobe photoshop cs2? my address is near caloocan and if theres a branch in rizal .. im in san mateo rizal .. do you have branches near my address?

@ kristine cruz

Our office is located at España Manila and Buendia Makati. Unfortunately we don't have branch in Caloocan and Rizal. Thanks.

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