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Pop-ups, a possible source of malware

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 05 Jun, 2015 14:50:14

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A pop up is a form of advertisement that is used on several websites. It is called a pop up from the name itself because it pops ups instantly whenever you open a certain site or if you clicked something that needs to open a new tab. Most users assume that when a pop up shows up, it is already a virus but actually, it is not. Again, a pop up is a form of advertisement but if it happens a lot, a malware might already be present on your computer.

Nowadays, browsers already contain pop up blockers which literally blocks pop ups but prompts you if ever you want to enable them. This way, pop ups are contained and would only show when you allow it. Most users are not aware that some programs that they have downloaded and installed might be the cause of several pop ups appearing.

There would be pop ups that would appear especially when you install additional toolbars for your browsers. I would advise you to not just install programs from ads. There would be some users that would just click install whenever a website prompted it. Another thing, be aware of the add-ons... that you install because some might contain malwares.

If you suspect that your computer is infected with a malware, you could use free software for scanning like Malwarebytes. After scanning, you might be surprised that your computer is infected and you are not aware of it. This is the reason why scanning it once in a while is recommended.

There were several instances before where clients are complaining that their computers are running slow. After checking the said computers, I discovered that some of them installed several toolbars on their browsers which caused the slowdown. You might think that those small programs would only cause minimal effect but to tell you frankly, viruses are small but it could do huge damage to your system.

Again, I just would like to stress it out that we must always think twice before installing anything on your computer. If you are not sure about something, it would be best to research about it first or you could also ask someone that is good in computers. Never compromise your security, a simple malware could lead to many things and it would be good to always take extra precautions rather than just taking the risk.

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