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Practical Ways to Take Care of your Laptop

by: Ailene B. Misa | 19 Dec, 2009 19:34:47

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As the saying goes "prevention is always better that cure", same goes in taking good care of our laptop. This article will provide basic practical that you can follow to protect your laptop and keep it in good shape.

1. Always bear in your mind that you have to keep your laptop away from any liquid. Water spill is very hazardous that it can totally damage your unit. You can drink but make sure you will place the bottle away from your computer table. Under the table is a safe decision.
2. Eating is strictly prohibited to avoid small pieces of food to go in between the keys on your keypad and to keep your laptop clean all the times. If in case you will be eating, make sure to wipe your fingers to avoid any mess.
3. Always clean your keypad and screen with clean dry cloth. If there will be a need to wipe your screen with wet cloth make sure that that cloth has no excess water that might spill on your keypad.
4. Don't drop your laptop. It can damage some sensitive parts the worst is the entire unit.
5. Place it in a safe location away from any falling object, any liquid, and even direct heat from the sun.
6. Always place your laptop in a bag to avoid dust. You can put your laptop inside its' jacket after it cools down, let us say 5 to seven minutes after you shut down your unit.
7. Protect your LCD screen. Avoid playing the LCD with your finger. It can damage your screen. Make it a habit to wipe your screen with dry clothes to keep it away from dust. Most of all put an LCD protector on your screen.
8. Place keyboard protector on your keypad to make it dust free. Always type gently; your keypad is one of the sensitive parts of your keyboard.
9. Always place or use your laptop in a cool place. Remember that it can easily dissipate heat. Too much heat can damage sensitive part inside your laptop. Make sure that it is place in a well ventilated area, and make sure that nothing is blocking the fan grills on the sides. I highly recommend that you buy additional fan if you use your laptop for a long period of time.
10. Protect your laptop from viruses. Make sure that you installed anti-virus software that has email and web guard. Most of the viruses nowadays are from the web, be vigilant to protect your laptop. Also, make it a habit to scan all flash disk or USB before opening them. A regular or schedule scanning of computer is highly recommended.
11. Protect your laptop's charger. Avoid pulling the power cord from the power socket; you must unplug it by pulling the main plug and not the cord. Also, avoid rolling any object or even your chair over your power cord. It can damage the wires inside of it.
12. Take care of your ports. Make sure to plug external devices on the proper port. If you are not sure, consult the manual.
13. Lastly, send your laptop for cleaning at least once a year to remove all those unseen dust that lies with your unit.

Try to do some of this regularly to keep your laptop in well condition. A clean and well maintain laptop last longer.

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