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Protect Your Electronic Camera In Different Ways

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Dec, 2010 15:14:32

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There are many ways for you to protect your electronic camera for various damaging elements and preserve its durability and quality for a longer lifespan.

Here are the ways for you to consider protecting your electronic camera.

  • Photo safeguarding 

We must admit that accidents can happen anytime even if you are meticulously careful. You can be fully secured that your pictures will not be damaged even if your camera gets lost on a long journey. You may consider using a portable external hard drive for backups to protect your photos while on an extended trip. You can also do transferring of daily images using one memory card while you can carry fewer memory cards if you like. 

  • Your camera should be free from moist or being wet 

You may consider protecting your camera by using a rain cape for cameras if you are to go to the outer and want to do photo shooting in any weather condition. Keep in mind that wetting agents such as water, moist or any liquid are protection risks for your camera. Remember that your electronic camera cannot be protected for getting enough moist to damage it while snorkeling or rowing even if you use a rain cape. You must get a better electronic camera protection like watertight camera housings or an Aquapac whether it’s long or short term submersion.

  • Liquid crystal display protection 

The LCD of your camera is a second thing to consider as prone to danger after your camera’s lens. For an effective way to protect your electronic camera, prevent further damage that can possibly break the screen, and shield your camera’s display, you may use a Pop-Up Shade to improve visibility of your screen and shade your camera from direct sunlight. There are different sizes for Pop-Up Shades that suits whichever camera model you may have.

  • Use a protective skin 

You may consider using a protective skin for your electronic camera when you are to take it to the outer like when you go on a mountain hiking. The rugged, rubberized, and shock-absorbing covering which can completely envelops select camera models is called Camera Armor. When you are to buy camera armor you may also get an elastomeric lens hood which is flexible and a Liquid Crystal Display shield. However, if you can’t find a camera armor matched for the camera model you are using, you may try using a Snug-It camera skin with point-and-shoot camera design to protect the lens and the body of your camera, either for prolonged use or it can be draw back into the camera’s body.

  • You need to prevent scratches for your lens 

Let’s accept the fact that no matter how you take good care of your electronic camera, if your lens has scuff or scratch, your photos will be compromised. As a photographer, you may attach a Skylight filter to the front of your electronic camera to protect it. You can buy these filters for a cheaper price from any photography stores near you. Remember that it will be a lot cheaper to replace the filter instead of buying a new one, and all interchangeable lenses for digital single-lens reflex models will accept screw-on filters unlike other digital camera lenses.  

You can now sit back and relax without thinking that your favorite camera’s getting wet.

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