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Protecting your wireless connection at home

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Apr, 2015 13:10:15

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Many of us are already using wireless routers at home so that our hand held devices and laptops could connect without the use of long cables. It is usual for users who do not have knowledge on computers to let someone set it up for them which includes setting up the password for your wireless routers.

Even if our routers already asks for passwords, we are still not 100 percent sure that no one could connect to your connection especially if you have a computer geek neighbor. And that is why I am writing this article to give some tips on how to have a secured wireless connection at home.

SSID Name - This SSID name serves as the name of your wireless connection where you will connect to. At purchase, the name of this is usually the brand of router you possess but you could change this one. When you change your SSID name, make sure that it is not easy for them to distinguish where it is coming from. Some users tend to name their SSID by their names, last names or even address which is a big no because they could easily distinguish you. It would be better... to set a unique name your SSID that your neighbors could not guess that it is yours. It is also possible to just hide your SSID name so that when other users will search for wireless points, your SSID would not show up. Just remember that when configuring a hidden SSID name, you need to do it manually.

Password - As much as possible, make your passwords hard to guess. Do not make passwords which may contain your birthday, your last name or your house number because if you do so, it would be an easy task for them to try it especially if they know you.

Admin account - Always make sure that the default username and password for your router would be changed right after you set up a password because if you did not, those who are connected to your wireless connection can easily change the configuration of your router. He could even change the password of your Wi-Fi if this router is still using the default password and username.

I understand that not all of us are familiar on how to setup a router and you could always ask for help from those who knows how but it would also be better if you at least know how to do it. All devices have their own instructions to follow and I would suggest trying it out for you to be familiarized with it.

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