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Quick Networking Pointers: How NOT to LOSS Your Reliable Career Connections (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:37:00

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On my last post, I’ve shared comprehensive tips on how to gain a good network. However, getting a good network isn’t enough. You have to maintain it, if you don’t want your efforts spilled. People you meet in your career may lose interest in helping you. Hence, on this article I’ll impart how to maintain your career connections.

 1.       Connect with all people you know in your career online. A lot of people nowadays are into social networking. Take advantage of it. Connect with people in your career through Facebook and Twitter. With the busy lives of career people today, they are more likely to use social accounts to socialize and keep in touch with people. Follow them on Twitter and send friend requests to them on Facebook. This way you’d be more successful in developing a good career alliance with them.

2.       Provide more than one contact detail. People tend to give their cellphone numbers whenever they meet new people. This is good considering you always carry cellphone wherever you go. You can respond immediately to people’s messages. However, there is also a disadvantage considering how it is easy to lose your cellphone and change number. When you lose your phone and your sim, you also lose phone numbers of your contacts. Hence, as much as possible give a landline number instead of your mobile number. Nevertheless, if your connections prefer having your mobile phone, avoid contact number. Hence, take care of your cellphone. Avoid losing it, if you don’t want to lose touch with your career connections.

3.       Be there for people even on their failures. If you don’t want people to see you as hypocrite, don’t leave your friends especially when they’re down. This is the time when your networks needs you most, and therefore the time to test your sincerity. If you have something to contribute in helping your colleagues, extend your efforts. Help them out as much as you can. This way you’d earn their trust, and they’ll become your true allies in your career. True friends in your career are the greatest asset you’ll ever earn. Hence, put importance on them. You’d be surprised with the way your efforts are returned whenever you’re in need. Next>>>

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