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Quick Networking Pointers: How NOT to LOSS Your Reliable Career Connections (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:45:40

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4.       Don’t share your network’s contact details without permission. If you don’t want to receive hate messages from your networks, never share their number without permission. If one of them receives a spam because of you, the news that you’re giving contacts without prior notice might spread out. Remember, when share their numbers and emails to you, they are also giving you their trust in protecting their personal info. Don’t put their trust to waste. Make it a point that what they share to you would be confidential.

5.       Don’t throw bad comments and remarks online. Online quarrels tagged in names like “Twitter War” are all over the web nowadays, and even kids know they won’t do any good. Try to avoid this kind of mess if you don’t want to lose touch with your career connections. As I’ve said, you have to protect your credibility, if you want to maintain your career connections. Hence, don’t post statements on your Facebook and Twitter that will cause trouble. If ever you happen to receive a bad comment or message, don’t reply. Just block the person, instead of playing his or her game. You’d only ruin your image if you do so.

6.       Find a healthy outlet for your anger and stress. Now, if you really can’t contain your anger, spill it. Just make sure you have a safe way of exhausting your anger. Go somewhere private where no one can hear you. Then, get off that bomb off your chest. Yell, shout, cry, do everything to remove the negative feeling. Give yourself sometime to think afterwards, so you’d be calm in confronting people without ruining your credibility. This way you’d maintain your career colleagues and preserve their respect for you.

7.       Avoid spam comments and tags. Don’t clutter your friends’ news feed with spams and annoying stuffs. Don’t give your online career connections a reason to block or remove you from their circle. Thus, remove tags and comments that are bad for your image. Block people who continue to clutter your profile with spams and tagged pics for the purpose of advertisements.

8.       Log out whenever you’re angry or upset. This is the best way to control yourself from making any drastic move because of sudden anger. Push the log out button at once when someone badly treated you online. When you’re done getting off the urge to revenge on that person, start to reminisce the reason why the incident happened. Weigh things out. There might be just some misunderstanding. You can fix things up by talking to him or her in person. Have a sincere talk. Next>>>

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