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Quick Networking Pointers: How NOT to LOSS Your Reliable Career Connections (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:43:45

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9.       Block badmouthing people online instead of answering them back. There’s no point of talking to a person online if he or she keeps on badmouthing. This kind of people won’t do any good, so it’s useless to spend your precious time to them. You’d only stain your image if you respond to nonsense comments and posts. Just block them and flag them for removal of account.

10.   Don’t forget occasions. Occasions are the most expected times you’d greet your friends and colleagues at work. Don’t lose their hopes of getting something special from you. You don’t have to send them expensive gifts. Price doesn’t say how special a gift is. As long as it is something that came from your heart, they’d appreciate your gift. It can be as simple as a message you’ve personally written just for them, or a cup of ice cream with a note.

11.   Send people greetings once in a while. As I’ve said, it is already expected that you’d greet them on occasions. But if you want to make a mark on your career connections, you should dare to surpass their expectations. Greet them once in a while. Send them text messages or post to their Facebook wall.

12.   Stay honest. Don’t be plastic. For instance, when one of your connections asks about his or her performance at work, tell him or her the truth. However, learn on how to say it on the way that it will become acceptable. For example, you wanted to say that her or his performance at work isn’t enough. Just say, I appreciate how you’ve put your dedication that is why I was saddened when I saw your stats. I think you should think things over so you know what went wrong. But knowing how dedicated you are, I believe you’d make it. Your career connections will appreciate your honesty and will value you as a true career ally.

13.   Apologize and accept your shortcomings. There’s no such thing as perfect. You make mistakes. Nevertheless, what’s important is that you are accepting your shortcomings and making efforts in improving yourself. Learn to say sorry to people you’ve hurt intentionally or unintentionally. This way you’d have a chance of fixing things up for the better. People who are humble enough and take responsibilities of what they’ve done are admired than those cowards who want to emphasize that they’re perfect. Next>>>

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