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Quick Networking Pointers: How to Get Reliable Career Connections (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:34:06

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4. Embody confidence and dignity. Even if you are good looking people won’t notice you, if you have no confidence. How would you convince people to share alliance with you and trust you, if you have no trust in yourself? Hence, build your self-esteem. You can start assessing yourself by watching yourself in the mirror. Fix your posture. Stand up straight and walk with grace. Walk as if you’re the owner of the path you’re taking. Take effort in creating this habit. You’d feel good about yourself, and gain people’s favor once you become successful in doing this.  

5. Never forget to ask for calling cards and contact details of people you meet. Everytime you get the chance to meet new people in your career, ask for their contact details. Make sure they often use the number, email, or social account name they’ll give you. Show them your good intention of creating lasting friendship with them. But hey, don’t forget to make it slow. Introduce yourself first and share a good chitchat with them first. The talk should be something that interests you both. This way you’d gain their trust once you ask for their number. Make sure you’ve created a good and lasting impression on them.

6. Share reliable contact details with people you meet. Giving your contact details to new career connections is an additional plus in gaining their trust. It’s also an unspoken agreement that you really want to keep in touch with them. So, don’t upset them when they try to contact you. Make sure you’ll give them a reliable way of contacting you. They’d definitely loss interest in being your career ally, if they aren’t receiving any response. As much as possible giving them disposable temporary cellphone numbers. Give them landline number or email address. If you really can’t avoid giving them your cellphone number, make sure you’d refrain from changing it. If you’ve decided to change cellphone number because of some circumstance, inform your contacts at once. Give them your new number.

7. Secure Facebook and Twitter Accounts. Thanks to social networking sites, networking became easier. With just few touches of buttons, you’d gain wider career connections. You can send friend requests to people you’ve meet in your career and share common friends as well. With the help of this feature, you’d gain more career connections. Just make sure you’d take care of your online credibility. Don’t clutter you friends’ news feed with spams and bad comments. Introduce yourself well by putting appropriate personal info. This way you’d encourage people to accept your friend requests. Next>>>

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