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Quick Networking Pointers: How to Get Reliable Career Connections (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:32:06

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8. Do your job well. Never underestimate the capabilities of “word of mouth” in destroying your chances. Hence, start creating good impression by doing your job well. Career- oriented people won’t like “happy-go-lucky” ones. If you have a good track record in your current job, you’d definitely gain more career allies. They’d be attracted with your secrets of success and skills. Forget about empty boasting. Even if you’re a good liar, they’d eventually know the truth about you. You’d only loss your chances, instead of gaining them. Be competitive and dare to become your best. Enhance your skills and use it in properly at work.

9. Maintain good relationship with previous employers and co-workers. As they say, never cut paths behind you. You may need them later in your quest in finding greener pasture. Remember, there’s no better recommendation that those from previous employers. When your previous boss recommends you to other company, employer or higher position it only goes to show they want all the best for you, which means you’re a good employee. If previous employers can do good for your career and become a reliable career connection, they have also the capabilities to destroy your career. Hence, don’t damage your credibility with your previous employers if you don’t want to become black listed in your industry.

10. Do resignations with grace. As I’ve said, previous employers can be reliable career connection. If you want to have a lasting good impression on them, leave the company premises with grace. Don’t leave with flawed credibility. Make sure you have good performance and attendance when you’re about to resign. Submit your resignation properly and talk to your boss with the proper reason. When your talk is over, your boss should clearly understand and values your reason. Leave your table properly and delegate with your co-workers regarding the unfinished tasks. Make sure everything will run smoothly when you’re out of the company. This way you’d earn your previous employer’s respect and will be more than willing to help you with your career.

11. Accommodate people who need assistance. People don’t like selfishness. How would you ask people’s help if you’re not helping them as well. Thus, become accommodating. Help those who seek your assistance. Give them a little independence in solving their dilemma, so they won’t abuse you. However, guide them in having their goal. Eventually, you’d earn people’s respect and favor. You won’t have a hard time trying to connect with them when you need something. They’d be more than willing to help you achieve your goals in your career knowing you’ll have greater capabilities in helping more people. Next>>>

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