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Quick Networking Pointers: How to Get Reliable Career Connections (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:29:41

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12. Don’t badmouth anyone to anybody. Like what I’ve said previously, never underestimate the capabilities of “word of mouth” in destroying your career. No matter how angry you are and whatever you’ve gone through never degrade people. It may not have consequences at present, but for sure it will rebound on you later. There are a lot of people suffered consequences in their career just because they’ve demean others. If you have disagreement with a person, solve it. Talk to the person and clear things out. If the problem can’t be solved because the other person is unwilling, talk to the proper authorities instead. However, make sure you have evidences and proofs of your statement. Testify for what is right, but never humiliate other people. This way you’d still have credibility in gaining career networks.

13. Avoid degrading people. Choose your friends. Never get along with people who might stain your dignity. Be aware of whom you are dealing with. People often classify you based on your friends. How would you earn new connections trust if you’re often with doubtful people? I know it’s bad to classify people based from what they’ve done on their past, but you should prioritize your credibility as well. Moreover, avoid people who spread rumors. Don’t give them the chance to ruin your career.

14. Show kindness with every people you meet regardless of their status. Yes, I’ve said that you should choose your friends, but never choose to whom you’ll show politeness. Politeness is definitely an asset in gaining career networks. It’ll earn you reliable and willing people to help you with your career endeavor. However, don’t fake it because it’ll only make you look desperate. Show the lighter side of you and believe in goodness of others. This way people would love to have you in their circle, which is a big help in building a reliable career network.

If you want to get a reliable career network; you have to make ways in knowing people in your career, attract them with your good credibility and assets, and have them keep coming for a real friendship. Start early in gaining good connections now. With the perks accompanied to a good career network, your efforts are all worth it.

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