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Reasons why an outdated antivirus can be critical

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Apr, 2015 17:10:58

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As we all know, an antivirus is a type of application that helps us guard our computers from viruses. It prevents malwares and other viruses to penetrate into your systems. It is a must for computers to be installed with an anti-virus software.

Most people think that when an anti-virus software is already installed, they are already 100% protected but that is definitely not true. Anti-virus software needs to be updated regularly to ensure protection from new viruses.
Almost every day, new viruses are being developed and that is why we also need to update our software to make sure that even new viruses could be prevented.

I once have a client who does not have an internet connection and then suddenly called me and complains that his computer is starting to slow down. I immediately checked his computer and discovered that his computer was infected by a virus from a flash drive. He asked me that how did it entered his system even though an anti-virus is installed. This is the question that you will normally hear from clients.

Before I install any anti-virus application, I do explain it to clients that an anti - virus software needs to be updated regularly... but for his case; he cannot download any updates because he does not have an active internet connection.

The virus that infected his computer might possibly be a new virus which is not in the database of his anti-virus. Cases like these are pretty normal and that is why I strongly recommend updating your computer's anti-virus regularly.

None of us wants to be infected by a virus especially when important files are stored on that computer. I understand that not all of us do have an active internet connection and that is why an update is out of the picture.

For those who do not have an internet connection, there is still a possibility that you could update your anti-virus by running a patch. It may not work at all anti-virus programs but try researching about it if it is possible for your anti-virus software. This way, you could just download a patch from another computer then install it to your computer but again, make sure that the computer that you will be using to download is clean and free from viruses.

Lastly, be extra careful on the sites that you are accessing especially those sites that require you to download something before you could access their sites. There are several instances already that those downloaded files contain viruses which could affect your computers. Again, take extra caution on the sites and the files that you are downloading and accessing.





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