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RHCT Training Course

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Feb, 2011 17:06:43

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If you already have basic network administration knowledge and you still like to pursue studying a course which will help you build your skills on Linux network installation, management, and implementation as well as assist you to all essential activities which are hands-on based to be an expert and certified Red Hat Certified Technician then you need to take a 40-hour short course offered by CNCTC, Inc. which can be found on Linux Enterprise Courses list called RHCT - RedHat Enterprise Linux Essentials & System administration.

The course is consisting of 2 important areas namely Red Hat Enterprise Linux Essentials which is the first one then Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration the second part.

The first topic is composed of relevant issues starting with overview of Linux followed by Distributions of Red Hat; Project of Fedora; Principles of Linux; Process of Booting; Booting up Linux; Services; Commands Running and Help Getting; File system Browsing; bash shell usage; Input / Output standard and Pipes; Tools of Text Processing; Configuring Basic System; vim and vi; bash shell configuration; Files Finding and Processing; Applications for Network; Users Management, Permissions and Groups; Users, Groups and Permissions Advanced Topics; In-Depth Linux File system; Processes Investigation and Management; System which is essential; Tools for administration; Services Management; Packages Management; System security; Services and Configuration of Kernel; Concepts of Kernel; and New Kernel RPM update.   

The second part comprises of topics such as Installation; Overview of Hardware; Memory and Central Processing Unit; Partition Structure example; Redundant Array of Independent Disks software; Logical Volume Manager; configuration of network; Setting-up firewall; Linux which is enhanced with security; Selecting Package; configuring Post-Install; Initialization and Services of System; Services and Configuration of Kernel; Management  of File system; Configuration of Network; Kick start and RPM; Administration of user; Tools for Printing and Administration; System for X Window; System Management for Advanced File; Troubleshooting; Basic Guidelines; X Troubleshooting; Networking-Troubleshooting; Boot Order Process; Corruption of File system; Recovery File system; Run-levels Recovery; and Environment for Rescue.    

The good thing to know with this course is that your payment includes review materials, manuals, and meals for your training which will be a great offer ever!!!

To know more about this course, you may click the link provided below:

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