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Routing Technology Training for Computer Information System Company

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 09 Feb, 2011 16:03:11

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If you want to learn commands and concepts for CISCO routers configuration in network of computers multi-protocol system, your chance is TODAY!!!

Now, CNCTC, Inc. offers a training course of specialization called CISCO 1 and 2 Routers and Routing Technology under CISCO - CCNA Courses category. Enrolling for this course will give you an edge over others because you will be taught how to create a network of CISCO from the very basic way to the most advance technique. A student will have comprehensive hands-on training experience needed for CISCO routers’ configuration and maintenance collaborated with laboratory practices, assessment quizzes, instructions, and discussions.

For a students’ preparation on certification for Cisco Certified Network Associate, he must enroll for this 30 – hour training course with recommended optional 40 – hour group review and practice examinations to obtain the knowledge and skills needed for Wide Area Networks’ and Local Area Networks’ simple route installation, configuration, and operation. There will be a hands-on mode of instruction that includes classroom and laboratory activities headed by well-versed and adept Information Technology instructors whose skills and knowledge in computer technical field is distinctively exceptional.

The coverage will have 10 of the most important areas for this training course like CISCO technology-based simple Local Area Network design; Internet Protocol addressing scheme design to meet requirements; user required appropriate routing protocol selection; CISCO technology-based simple inter-network design; routing protocols configuration; Internet Protocol general configuration on hosts and routers; router configuration for supplemental administrative functionality; Local Area Network implementation; device configuration files and system image management; and router initial configuration.

The basic requirement for an enrollee is to have working knowledge for OS of Windows and hardware & software troubleshooting of a personal computer, and technology for network & repair.

The training course topics coverage will start with technologies for inter-networking; access / distribution / core / hierarchical model of CISCO; reference model of Open Systems Interconnection; data-link / review / network / application / transport / presentation / session / physical of Open Systems Interconnection; technologies of Local Area Network; networks classification; sub-netting implementation; introduction to CISCO router; configuring the router; devices of CISCO assembling and cabling; Wide Area Network and Local Area Network cabling; connections console; switches / routers / hubs / products of CISCO selection; sequence of the router startup; router logging instructions; commands used on startup; basics of routing; routing process of Internet Protocol; dynamic and static routing styles; static routers configuration; routing dynamic Internet Protocol ; protocols routing; protocols exterior routing; Routing Information Protocol routing configuration; Interior Gateway Routing Protocol routing configuration; and other relevant topics.

For more information, you may visit the link below:

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