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Safe Web Browsing Tips : Introduction And Sandboxie Process

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 26 Jan, 2011 23:23:25

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Today, even browsing the Web has impending hazards that we may never realize in the first place because websites are growing like mushrooms on a regular day-to-day basis, and of course, we don’t even know which of these sites are spyware and virus-free domains. You will be learning two of the most important tips to make your Web browsing safe and how will you perform your program configuration for safer cyber browsing.

You need to realize that those browsing days which are worry-free and with ease are definitely way pass the time because as of the moment even when you response to an online advertisement or just a simple clicking on any search engine may lead you to dangerous sites which can bring about Trojan horses, malicious software, and worse comes to worse, computer viruses invasion would be a big threat that triggers infection on your personal computers, whether it may be a traditional desktop or even notebooks or laptops, are not an exemption.

Needless to say, that even those websites operated by legitimate companies can also be manipulated and compromised by hackers to intrude your system and bring about infectious software to spy on your Web activities and transactions, and likewise using programs to shield your system from malicious software and viruses may not even protect you from impending harm. You are still susceptible from incoming attacks of malicious software from camouflaging sinister websites you are browsing through because not even widely used antivirus programs can detect the specially created malicious products which main function is to invade your online security. Not even if you update your software with the newest security features, there’s no guarantee that your system will be safe from harm.

Your personal computer will be jeopardized by the presence of these sinister websites that most of the time penetrates your browsers which creates damage or exploitation on your operating systems. You can do the perfect move to secure your personal computer against the possibilities of sinister websites invasion which will be the best thing to know. This article will discuss two of the most important and effective tips to protect your computer from danger.

  • Sandboxie option for sandboxing process

The process of enclosing applications which have tendencies to bring about harm on your personal computers and browsers is the method of protection called Sandboxing. Your browser runs efficiently in a virtual PC within your personal computers under the Sandboxing process. Your PC will not be affected whichever happen to the sandbox program on your system.

The good thing with this process is you can shut down the sandbox immediately if it gets infected while you are browsing on it and your real personal computer system will not be harmed even after the actual running or when downloaded malicious software files are removed.

You may first activate the program for Sandboxing which creates the environment for running your sandboxed browser. A program which is effective for home usage is Sandboxie – a sandboxing program that’s free of charge. For you to better run this program, you must be using Windows Vista down to Windows 2000.

(We will continue our article with the second part More Of Sandboxie Process.)

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