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Safe Web Browsing Tips : More Of Sandboxie Process

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 26 Jan, 2011 23:25:15

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(This the continuation of our discussion from the firs partIntroduction And Sandboxie Process.)

  • Sandboxie option for sandboxing process

You may need to make a point of restoration for Windows using – Start / Help and Support / Undo changes along with System Restore / Create a restore point or you backup the whole system before you install Sandboxie program due to reason that it can trigger PC problems. Remember that before you install Sandboxie program, you can decrease the possibility of issues if your programs for security will be shut down. Now, to restart all your software intended for security, you have to reboot your PC right after installing Sandboxie.

For you to open your sandbox browser there are many ways to do it as soon as you’re done installing Sandboxie. You may automatically run your sandboxed browser where setting it up is possible if you run the registered version or just do it manually.

Now, for opening your browser manually within a sandbox, you may choose – Run Sandboxed – then – Default Browser after clicking the yellow icon tray of Sandboxie.

Your default browser in its own sandbox will be locked away securely. You may put the hush key or the number symbol (#) after and before the window title bar caption of your browser which indicates that your browser is sandboxed and you may use it the normal way. Aside from the number sign, you may not have an idea what other parts are sandboxed in the title bar.

For all practical purposes, your true personal computer’s system will not be infected even if you visit sinister websites and links using the Sandboxing process. You may right click again the yellow tray icon of Sandboxie after shutting your browser down when you’re done browsing sites, and from that point – Terminate Sandboxed Process – is the one you need to choose to remove malicious software files and infections along with your browsing history, file downloads, and your created bookmarks.

You may use popular bookmarking services available on the Web to permanently bookmark sites. You will be making new bookmarks lasting while you browse within sandbox because as an advanced user you can do Sandboxie configuration for bookmarks sharing with the browser version that are non-sandboxed. Before you delete the contents of the sandbox, you may duplicate files that are downloaded from your sandbox to your true personal computer system which the file you choose can be kept for a long time. You may first install the file you have downloaded from within the sandbox before moving out any file from the sandbox.

You may go ahead and move your software for security to your true personal computer system and reinstall it granting that it doesn’t give alert sounds and you are seeing that the programs are still the way it has been. Keep in mind that you may still need to remove the sandbox contents though.

(Our article will continue with our next discussion regardingDrop My Rights, so stay on site.)

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