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Secrets on How to Balance Career and Family

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 14 Jun, 2010 15:40:58

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Oftentimes, people who have successful career have broken family. While those who choose their family over their career, stop taking their personal endeavors. People are pressured to choose between a fulfilling career and happy family life. However, there are some who successfully juggles family and career life. They do not have super powers nor possess two bodies. All they have are the following:

Proper Time Management

Time consumes, even if you don’t move a thing. Like money, it needs budgeting so you’ll have it spent wisely for essential things, including career and family. Every minute is essential. To cover up every daily activity, fix a schedule every week. This is very convenient as you can anticipate what you need to do for the whole week. Create a schedule for family bonding as well. A simple thing like watching movies at home along with pop corns is more than enough.

Efficient Working Techniques and Tools

 If your 8 hours of work seems not enough and you always bring those papers as homework, make yourself faster. Learn to organize and segregate tasks. You’ll have an easier way of getting things done once you’re systematic. You can even create innovations on how you can fasten up in doing tasks. Provide yourself with the tools you need and make them accessible to you as much as possible. Definitely, when you’ve done these tips you’ll have your tasks done more efficient and faster. If none of these seems to work, talk to your immediate boss. Maybe, the office needs some upgrading in collaborating tasks and obligations.

Shown Affection for Family

Use the principle “quality versus quantity”. It is already given that you won’t always be around for your family. There are times when they need you but you cannot be with them. Pay them back by creating good memories with them. Your bonding moments won’t have to be expensive. What important is you show how much you care for them in these special moments. Take advantage of technology. Send a cheering text message or a surprising email that will brighten up your love ones’ day. Remind them once in a while you love them, even if there is no occasion.

Love for Thy Self

Yes, you read it right. Loving yourself is essential for a balanced career and family life. If you put importance in your health and happiness, you’ll gain more energy in doing your daily tasks. Feeling inspired and confident is the key to a fulfilling life.

If you’re taking some time of heart-to-heart conversation with your family, keeping yourself updated with your their state; you will have no problem in balancing your time for family and time for work. What’s the use of having a successful career if you have no one to offer them to?

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