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Selecting the best Drives for your Laptop

by: Kenneth Tello | 25 Nov, 2010 15:21:03

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Tips in finding the right hard drive, optical drive and external drives for your laptop

Aside from the processor and the memory, other hardware specifications that you take into considerations when buying the right laptop for your needs are the different types of drives for your laptop computer. When we talk about drives, the first thing that comes in your mind might be the hard disk drive and no other. There are different types of drives and each of them has different descriptions and functionality. We have the hard disk drive, the optical drive, and the external drive such as flash drives, Firewire etc. In choosing the right laptop, try also to consider your needs for these different kinds of drives. Take this also priority together with the other specifications so that you don’t have any regrets when the time comes you will need them.

To help you select the right one, here are some tips on how to select the right “drives” for your laptop.

Hard disk drives

No matter how powerful and fast your processor and your main memory are your laptop is still useless without hard drive. Hard disk drive is the largest non-volatile in terms of storage capacity. All installed programs including the operating system are all stored on computer hard drive.

Though laptops now are incorporated with such higher storage capacity that ranges from 160 GB to 500 GB, it is important to know that the right hard drive does not depend on the storage capacity at all. Hard drives rotation speed also a huge factor on how good your laptop will be aside from its storage capacity. If you’re choosing between 2 laptops with the same storage capacity, the other one got 5,400 revolutions per minute (rpm) while the other one got 7,200 revolutions per minute. Then go for the one with the higher rpm for it offers faster performance. However, a faster hard drive also eats up battery power.

In choosing hard drive, choose more than what you need in terms of storage capacity.

Optical Drives

You might also need optical drives for tasks involving use of CD/DVD for installing software, creating a back-up for different files or just merely burning favorite music and videos. For those who don’t want any hard drive on their laptop, there are netbooks and ultrathin laptops that don’t include optical drives.

If you badly need it, then it will be a choice between DVD drive and blu ray. With DVD capable optical drives, you can play movies stored on DVD formats; burn your movies and other data to a DVD. Just make sure to choose the one with writing capabilities.

Blu ray on the other hand allows you to play high definition movies in blu ray format. This technology has been incorporated with latest laptop models that have full support for multimedia applications. Just make sure you have the high resolution display screen for playing blu ray movies in high quality.

External Devices

Select also the laptop that has full support for external devices like USB flash drives, SD memory or even external optical drives. Flash drives these days are very portable and ideal external storage device because of its storage capacity. A laptop that supports multiple external devices is ideal.

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