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Simple Tips to a Booming Career

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 14 Jun, 2010 14:12:06

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Who would not want a successful career? Everyone hopes to achieve a fulfilling work. What divides achievers from dreamers is what they do. Here are what achievers do that set asides them from others. They are simple tips you can use to start having your dream career:

Define your goal. Setting your goal will give you a route. Some people just start out their career without a goal. Afterwards, they grow tired of what they do and shift to other career. If you don’t want to be master of none, know specifically what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that money and fame won’t make you contented in a job. In the first years, yes, you’ll be very pleased. But once you’re having the taste of hardships and sacrifices that comes along with the job, you’ll be bored and eventually lose morale in doing tasks effectively. Have a defined goal and you’ll have a clear destination.

Plan on how you will achieve your goal. You now have a destination, which is your goal. The next thing you need to do is make plan on how you’ll get there. Your plan will be your map to your most sought after goal. Make the steps realistic and simple. Every small milestone is needed to travel a long distance to your dream. Simple things like study hard or be the top on class will do. Once you get the habit of achieving your goal, work on leveling your gauge up. Here’s an example. You’ve achieved being the top of class, now level up by aiming to be a cum laude. Seems to be impossible? Definitely, not…if you’re setting excellence in every task you do, you’ll have your way up!

Get the habit of excellence. You’re done setting a goal and planning your route, all you need to do now is work on achieving your goal. The scheme is very simple. Here it is. Put your best in every little thing that you do. Make sure each activity on your way to success is given with your 100% effort. Do not compare yourself among your peers instead always compete with yourself by aiming for improvement.

Dreamers are blinded with the glitz of success, looking up on achievers wishing they wore the same shoes; while achievers aims to surpass the person they look upon and create ways on achieving their dreams. What are you? Are you an achiever or a dreamer?

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