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Simple Tips to Safe Transactions Online (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 28 Feb, 2011 13:38:34

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8. Validate your agreement. Oh, I almost forgot to tell this one: You should put every detail of your transaction documented. You may think that this is only done with transactions that involves large amount of money and assets. Imagine, who would dare to ask a detailed contract in buying a computer mouse online? Of course, no one will. However, there is a way you can validate your agreement in full detail. You can send an informal contract through a friendly email. Just state all the details of your transaction and ask the person you are transacting to with confirmation. When he or she confirms the details of the transaction, you’re done securing a valid contract. Keep your messages for future references in case a disagreement arises.

9. Clear every doubt found in agreements and transactions. As I’ve said email messages are good as a valid contract. However, you have to make them clear and understandable for both parties to make them reliable. Thus, clear every detail of your transaction. Don’t hesitate to ask the other party in case you have a doubt in his or her email. Always ask direct questions for you to get a clear answer. Again, keep these messages intact for reference. To avoid disagreements, keep your words plain and simple. Communicating online is so different with face- to- face talking. You wouldn’t have facial expressions as aid in understanding what others say.

10. Avoid wire transfers in sending payments. Why did I say this? Simply, this is because wire transfer receipts don’t confirm transactions. Yes, it does say that you’ve send money to a valid and identified person. However, it does not say what the payment was for. Out of this loophole, scammers can make thousand or even million of excuses considering how creative they are in telling lies. Thus, prefer paying online that confirms the nature of transaction like PayPal. It may take some time to receive payments and takes additional pennies- which I personally hate. But considering they’re safe to use for online transactions, I still highly recommend them.

11. Keep yourself updated with every progress in every transaction. Again, it is important to have detailed confirmation of your online transactions. If you want a complete and comprehensive evidence for your online transactions, always ask for updates from the other party. This way they wouldn’t have an excuse in case they happen to be scammers. Next>>>

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