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Skype: More than an Instant Messenger, Better than your Phone

by: Ailene B. Misa | 23 Mar, 2010 15:53:38

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Most of us are hooked into IM or Instant Messaging.  At the present time, there are millions of IM users around the world that keeps on exchanging their information in just a press of Enter key from their keyboard.

We all know that everywhere we go; we could see hundreds or maybe thousands of computer terminals with Internet connection.  I am convinced that those terminals also provide instant messaging.  Regardless of our age, everyone is aware on how to use instant messaging. 

There are a lot of software that you can use for instant messaging.  For Yahoo users you can use Yahoo messenger, for Hot mail we have MSN messenger, Google user have Google talk, and if you want to access all these account in one messenger you can have Pidgin.  Aside from these, there are other messenger that exists worldwide.  These messengers offer different features like web conferencing, video conferencing, and many more.

In this article I will introduce another instant messenger that goes beyond the limit.  It works better than an ordinary messenger.  And I’m pretty sure that you will like it as well.  This software is commonly used worldwide.

Do you have an idea what is it?

Well, I’m talking about Skype.  Have you ever heard of it?  If not, then let this article be your guide to know more about Skype.  In this article, I will give you an overview about Skype and its benefits.

Let us start the discussion by knowing what Skype really is.

From the Skype website it defines the software as: “Skype is software that enables the world's conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles.” 

Let us define it further.  Skype is like an ordinary instant messaging software that is used not only to send instant messages but allows the users to have free calls either voice or video.  You might be thinking that these feature are also available in other instant messenger, yes you are right.  But what makes Skype to be different is that it provides better connection even when you are doing video call to another computer.  And the great deal about this, it can allow you to make a low cost call to any mobiles or landlines around the world.  Yes, you read it right.  It is capable of calling any mobiles or landlines around the world and it is cheaper compare to the existing rates provided by our telephone companies.

Sounds cool?  I guess so.  This is why Skype is getting popular and widely used worldwide.

To give you an overview, Skype started in 2003 at Luxembourg.  At present, allows free Skype to Skype voice and video calls.

Skype service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week worldwide.  At peak period, estimated 20 million people are using Skype.  It is commonly used not only for personal purposes but also for business reasons.  It is cheaper but its service is very reliable.

The next questions is why Skype?

Simply because it is better than your phone, instant messenger and it offers different payment scheme for you to choose from if you want to avail call service to any mobile or landline.

The next thing that you need to know are the things that you need to have before you can use Skype.  You need to have an internet connection, video camera and headset.

Never tried Skype?  Download Skype installer at this site:

Enjoy buzzing with Skype and know the difference.

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i try it now i hope we enjoy that website or kind of instant maseging.tnx in advance

ok i hope we enjoy urwebsite .....goodluck

@ analyn leynes

Thank you!

i can't download skype ..
pls help me .. !

i wish to create skype account and make use of it to be updated with my friends.

i cant download skype,, help me pls!

hw to download skype in pc?

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