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Software that could monitor your child's internet activity

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 Apr, 2014 15:30:56

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In our present generation, the greater percentage of the world knows how to use a computer. Even kids under 7 years old could even operate one. I can even see some kids who are playing with their own tablets while being pushed on their strollers. Most kids nowadays prefer facing the computer rather than playing outside with friends. Most parents might allow their children to use the computer but how could parents monitor the sites that they are visiting?

In this article, I will be sharing a program that could be useful in monitoring the sites or limiting the time they could spend using the internet. This way, parents would be sure that their children are not visiting sites that would not cause them any good.

One of the most famous programs that could help you protect your children is the K9 Web Protection. It allows you to block websites depending on the category. It can block the page when the program detects that the content of the website that is being opened is among the category that is blocked. As I have said above, it also has the feature to allow your child to use the computer for a specific... time only. This means that when the time is over, internet will automatically be blocked. Another thing about this program is that it could be downloaded for free.

This program could also generate reports that allow parents to monitor the websites that their children are opening. Parents also have the power to put password in order for their children not to be able to change any settings on the program. This program is not like the other programs wherein it would slow down your computer when it is installed.

Letting your child use a computer is good for them only when they are visiting sites that allows them to learn. Nowadays, researching something is now easier unlike before that you need to visit a library to search for something that you need. With the help of the internet and a computer, everything is now within a click of a mouse.

If you think that your children are accessing sites that are not good for them, this program might really give you a hand. Protecting your child is now easier with the help of this one. This way, you will be sure that your children are safely using the internet.


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