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Starting the Year with a Bang: 6 Ways to Successful 2011 Career

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 11 Jan, 2011 18:30:33

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The holiday season is just over and so are the non-stop partying and gimmicks. To most, it’s a bit hard to wag off the vacation hang over and start another day of work. To help you get over with your blues, here are some easy steps to jump start your career this 2011:

1. Formulate one career resolution and be serious in fulfilling it. Are you satisfied with the development curve of your career last 2010? Whether you still see space for improvement or wanted to change something that bothers you badly, figure out of what you should change or improve in your working habit. Pinpoint the problem and deal with it “seriously”.

2. Get the habit of helping others. Believe me or not, you’re doing yourself a favor each time you help your co-workers. Nope, I’m not pertaining to getting friends with benefits though it does give your personality a whooping boost. I’m referring to “good karma”. Yep, it’s real. Example: whenever you help your colleague with his or her task, you are improving your skills and expanding your capabilities. Nevertheless, you should know when to help and when to not. Make sure that you’re working your function properly and not making yourself a hindrance to others.

3. Push yourself beyond your limit on each everyday activity. What is your measured daily work output at present? Dare to break that record. Challenging yourself to go beyond what is expected from you every day is a good way to improve your working habit and improve your career in the long run.

4. Reward yourself each time you succeed. What’s the use of working if it’s not for you? No matter how plain is your achievement, give yourself a reward. It can be as simple as a cup of yummy ice cream or anything that would put a beaming smile on your face.

5. Give your body what it needs. Exercise and eat nutritious food. A fit and well-nourished body will give you the energy needed for a most-outstanding work.

6. Smile and be thankful. Show your appreciation whenever someone does you favor. A jolly spirit is the most treasured asset at work. It will help in creating a more productive atmosphere at work.

Just have in mind that you don’t need a specific date or occasion to make a milestone. All you need are the genuine love for your career and the burning spirit to succeed.

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