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System Administration Course For UNIX A

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Feb, 2011 21:46:32

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If you like to take the System Administration course for UNIX Solaris 10, you have to undergo a 30-hour training which covers 15 chapters starting with overview of system administration covering hardware types of Sun followed by configurations of Operating Environment for Solaris then administrative functions review.

The first chapter is about the overview of system administration which tackles about hardware types of Sun followed by configuring operating environment of Solaris and then functions of administration review.

The next chapter focuses on system structure of file covering structure and slicing of file system followed by directory hierarchy of Solaris then file types and files Identification, & symbolic and hard links utilization.

Chapter 3 is about managing disk storage for local disk drivers starting with concepts and structure of disk followed by naming conventions device of Solaris and partitions or Slices then connection of Physical disk; systems devices listing and reconfiguration; Disk slicing and labeling using the Solaris Management Console and utility format; Solaris file system creation; using NEWFS on Solaris file system creation; mounting new files system decision; permanent mounts updating and others; checking file system integrity Using fsck; and sizes of directory and disk usage monitoring.

Fourth chapter of this course discusses maintenance and security of file system that starts with mount command followed by options of mount; file systems of LOFS and cachefs; floppy disks and compact disk handling; file system room making; security of file system; file system functions of SMC; and file system monitoring utilities.

The fifth chapter is about Solaris installation system building begins with disk layout planning followed by building network or Digital Video Disc / Compact Disk booting; Solaris building, software options selection, slicing disk and many others; procedures of post-installation; automatic installation overview; and Solaris upgrading.

Chapter 6 is regarding administration of patch which includes latest patches obtaining and installing that includes individual patches and clusters followed by machine patch level examination; and patches removal.

The seventh chapter is about configuration of software and administration of package that starts with tools customization and setting-up which includes answer book, common desktop environment, shells, and manual pages; distributing options of Solaris, examining, installing, and removing software packages with the use of command line utilities; software installation with the use of mechanism for Web start installer; and Solaris Product Registry usage.

The eight chapter tackles about PROM booting that starts with prompt commands monitoring followed by system settings identification like boot device of default; default boot device system settings identification; viewing and changing settings using Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory command; and boot failure troubleshooting.


(We will continue our discussion on System Administration Course For UNIX – B.)

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