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Tablets rather than Laptops

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Jul, 2013 07:21:12

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As we all know, tablets are becoming popular nowadays. It is becoming the modern computer and most people prefer using or bringing a tablet rather than a laptop. In this article, I’ll be specifying some points why tablets are now dominating the laptops.

Weight - on my own opinion, one of the best advantages of tablets compared to laptops are that they are lighter in weight. Laptops are known as portable computer wherein you could bring wherever you want but because of newer technology, the have developed this kind of gadget that is even lighter than a well-known laptop. Bringing a tablet is only like bringing a notebook. It’s really that light.

Touch screen capabilities - this is a feature where tablets are best know of. Tablets are really good for those who are on the go. It is also good for presentation because you could easily control it by a slide of a finger. For newer laptops, some also has this feature but still, tablets are still preferred.

Price - when it comes to prices, tablets are cheaper though there are several brands. Known brands will always be more expensive but basically, tablets are cheaper than laptops. For less than 10k, you could already land one that has good specifications already. For a laptop, prices are always above 10k.

Functions - for the functions, it could already be compared to a normal computer wherein you could install programs that you like. You could also use it for chatting not just voice chatting but also video chatting. Most tablets come with dual cameras which mean that they have a back and a front camera. For students, you could use this one for viewing or even making documents though an on screen keyboard could be hard at times.

Applications - this is one of the best features of tablets because you could easily install programs and games; you only need an internet connection to do this. Another thing is that there are many apps and games that you could download that are free of charge either your tablet is android or ios.

Tablets are really getting better and better nowadays and I would not be surprised that time would come that laptops would be phased out. If you’ll be buying a tablet, research about it first considering your budget and the functions that you like. This way, you could acquire a tablet that would suit your needs.

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