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Technology upgrade for police forces of the Philippines

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Aug, 2010 16:23:42

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The incident that happened a few days ago about the hostage taking drama at the Quirino grand stand where several chinese people died was a very sad day for our country. A number of Hong Kong and Chinese citizens were killed. This tragedy must be a wake up call for them to upgrade both their weapons and gadgets. Technology can be very helpful in fighting crime here in our country. In other countries, all police cars have computers installed at their cars to make their work easier and faster. A computer can be used to send the location, description and even pictures of the suspect for them to be caught easily. It might also be possible to send video footages of the suspect or even the footage of the crime itself. It can also be used to make reports of incidents and it can be sent directly to their central database or to their post. This laptop computer is very useful to response more quickly to calls and reports. This set up is very effective and must also be acquired by our country. By this way, patrols will be more effective, reports can be responded immediately and suspects can be easily identified.

We must admit that our forces lack technology especially with their gadgets; they must have certain gadgets like night visions, masks, tasers, tranquilizers, explosives and even spy cameras.  Even our gears are not good enough especially for that kind of situations. Helmets and bullet proof vest must always be present especially in this kind of situation. If the said gadgets were present, there might be a big possibility that the hostage taker was taken out immediately before the hostages were killed. We must also upgrade our weapons. The said incident was a disaster and according to experts, it was not handled correctly by our SWAT team. SWAT means SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS but after what happened, they weren’t able to show the true meaning of SWAT. According to them, they lack gadgets to fight the hostage taker. This might be true but with good tactics, anything is possible. It is a must for us to upgrade our combat equipments. It might need a big budget but this is for the safety of our country and also the safety of our tourists. We need to upgrade our technology but we must not rely on it. Our forces must always improve their skills and tactics.

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