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The advancing industry of apple ipodís

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 06 Dec, 2010 11:00:54

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Apple ipod’s is known to be the top company distributing portable media player devices. The company first launched it’s products October 31, 2001. Apple is also the makers of the famous macbooks, the mac based operating system laptops and desktops. Apple’s product consists of the iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. The very first release of the iPod products were called the 1st generation iPods. The 1st generation iPods only supports music files and has only the black and white screens. Due to the advancement of technology, iPods evolved into something unusual. Some of the advancements are listed below.

                Black and white to colored screens – The first generation iPods only has the black and white screens but was converted to colored screens for picture viewing and movie playback purposes.

                 Video player – Ipods was basically designed as a audio player but after a while, they decided to add a video player to support playing videos.

                Picture viewer - The very first ipods doesn’t support viewing pictures due to its black andwhite screens but the next generation colored screened iPods does now support picture viewing.

                Games and applications - The latest generation of iPods does now support games and applications for entertainment and mobility. This allows you to enjoy many features with a single device.

                Touch screen support - The Itouch is one of their best creations and by the name itself, it has a feature that allows you to touch the screen to control the device. The touch screen also makes games more entertaining.

                High Definition (HD) screen – The screens of the current generations does now have higher resolutions and supports HD viewing which made video playback more crisp and realistic.

                WIFI support – This feature is for the itouch which enables internet browsing via WIFI through your iPod Touch. Thru WIFI, you can also view your favorite youtube videos online.

                Camera – Some of the current ipods namely the itouch and the ipod nano video now has a camera that supports video recording. This camera can take clear videos that can be uploaded to your computers.

                Higher hard drive capacity – From the very first 5gb ipod, it now comes with sizes up to 160 gb which is also a size for a computer hard drive. This means that you can now save numerous counts of photos, videos,movies and even games and applications.

All iPods use the program itunes in order for you to sync your music,photos, videos and more. The advancement of ipods will not end here. Im sure that the advancement will continue in their next generation iPods which will result to a more entertaining devices.

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