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The battle against AMD and Intel based computers for gamers

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Dec, 2010 12:58:45

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The question on which is better against AMD and Intel has been circling around the web for years already. This question has been asked a million times though the answer will depend on you, the user. The two competitors have been around for decades already. Intel (Integrated Electronics Corporation) was founded 1968 and is based in California while AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was founded 1969 and is also based in California. The two companies are the top manufacturers of CPU or the Central Processing Unit that is basically needed to run a computer. AMD vs Intel, which side are you?

I’ve acquired my first computer few years back and it was an Intel based computer because many really don’t like the AMD when it comes to heat dissipation. It was not new to users that AMD CPU’s back then was not that good in dissipating heat. This means that it has a possibility to overheat which is really a big problem for AMD users back then. But that was years back and I think that the next generation AMD’s has better cooling compared before.

According to reviews, gamers prefer AMD based computers for gaming rather than Intel based ones not only because they are cheaper but also because it was found out that the AMD based CPU’s is clearly the winner in the graphics category which means that their graphic cards are better than the Intel. When it comes to on the go users it will really depend on what you need.

If you’ll be using the laptop for gaming, video editing and movies, I’ll suggest that you to get an AMD laptop because of its high powered video cards that are best for gaming though battery life may be a problem. If you’ll be using a laptop for typing, research and surfing, Intel will be perfect for you. Intel’s video card may be the second on the top; it is still good for movies though it may not be good for gaming. Before you buy a desktop or a laptop, ask yourself first if you’re into gaming or simply into surfing.

To summarize it all, AMD is clearly the choice of gamers out there both in laptop and in desktop computers.  In may be cheaper compared to Intel based ones though its performance is still at its peak. Intel based computers are also good in performance not just in the gaming category.

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