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The Benefits of Launching Online with Facebook Page

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 20 May, 2011 05:19:39

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We all know - Facebook is the most popular social networking site, if not the most visited site in the World Wide Web. It is so popular that businesses and commercial institutions create their own Facebook page, even if they have existing official website, which is somehow redundant. Imagine you have to double your efforts on promotions, when you can concentrate your attention in a single URL making your campaign more effective. Hence, if you are to choose between managing facebook page and website, what would you prefer? As for me, I’d prefer launching a facebook page…simply, for the following reasons:

It’s free. Unlike launching website, creating a Facebook page is free. It is also easier to manage. Hence, you won’t have to pay for professional help in case you need additional technical expertise to create and manage your online campaign.

It’s easy to create and manage. Facebook is made and constantly developed for maximum user convenience- one of the main reasons why many love it. Wherever you are, you can easily post updates to your Facebook page via mobile phone. Thus, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t keep up a good relationship with your followers.

It’s proven efficient in promoting online. I wouldn’t believe, if you’d tell me you have no Facebook account. Almost all people who access online have facebook account. For this reason, facebook is considered the most viable ground for online promotions. The fact that it is so personalized, the fear of subscribing (or should I say “liking” a page) is eliminated. People don’t have to give their personal emails in exchange for updates. With Facebook’s news   feed, people are automatically updated with your posts once they “like” your page. And as a bonus, your interactions with your likers are also extended to their friends and networks. So if you want to gain more followers and prospect clients and eventually create a profitable long-term relationship with them, choose launching online through Facebook.

Exposing your business online successfully doesn’t mean you have to spend much. To keep up with the competition, you only need to know the latest trend and get along with it. Use the current market situation to your own advantage. This way your business will grow strong amidst crisis and trials… and it will only take lesser resources for you to become successful.

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