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The Best Ways To Maintain Your Ports And Personal Computers

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 06 Jan, 2011 19:24:44

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It is very lousy and uncomfortable to feel when your port openings and your personal computers are untidy and got a lot of dust on it, right?

Now, you’ll be learning ways to maintain both your ports and PCs. 

·          Clogged port cleaning

Your computer ports may be not excluded from debris and dust clogging over the course of time. The first step to do is to clean the grimes from your connecting ports if you have problems on devices working on your computers or issues getting Universal Serial Bus. First, you may need to turn-off the hardware if it is visible that the port is entirely obstructed. Instead of sides swirling, you may try to move in and out on the same direction, and you may need to keep in mind that fragile pins is important because it is where jacks, serial, and Ethernet rely on. On the other hand, to blast out loose bits, you may use a can of pressurized gases or compressed air when it comes to lesser sticky conditions. For extra precaution, you need to note that these gases are coming out severely cold and are harmful to your heath which should not be inhaled. You may use an electronics cleaner or cotton buds mingled with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol to finish the cleaning process. Now, to dry your computer, let it off for several hours.

·          Personal computer cleaning

Did you know that dirt can hinder the internal parts of your personal computers such as fans which make it cool? The possibility of overheating is higher when ventilation is obstructed. Beside the power cord, there are cables that you need to unplug after you shut down everything which is the first step. The power cable should be unplugged after touching the PCI-slot (a communication port on the motherboard of a computer cover) cover, the case metal part. You may do the mentioned steps because at anytime there will be a release of external static activity within before it damages components which are electrically sensitive.

The preferable place to work with these procedures is in uncarpeted room while wearing shoes on. On the other hand, between your working table and your personal computer, you may use mouse pads as rubber layer. On the chassis of your personal computer’s metal part, connect through the antistatic bracelet when you wear it. You may also see your personal computer’s guidebook for technical know-how in opening the case of your PC. You may also drive away grimes, dirt, and spider webs to pull it out of your motherboard and hardware of your personal computer after using a compressed air can to remove the rest of the dusty elements.

For a short bursts series, you may press the trigger after keeping the can upright. Now, to direct the flow close to your target, you may use nozzle straw. At vented areas, you may focus your attention on clog cleaning, and the main thing which is grime blowing up and out. The internal parts of your personal computer should be blown and blasted through grating and through fan’s power supply until you no longer see any visible dirt on. You need to make sure that the vents are cleared out from internal cables while you’re inside. You may reconnect everything after re-closing the case. Since much of the dirt starts from your personal computer, you should try to keep it off the floor for a slower accumulation of future dirt. These processes should be done yearly especially when you have domesticated furry ****s inside the house. 

You have learned another useful ways to clean both your ports and personal computers itself.

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