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The comfort of working at home for IT professionals

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 08 Jul, 2015 16:01:48

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For IT professionals, it is very common for them to just stay at home to work. Most IT companies allow that as long as you could produce the outputs that are needed from you. There are also some companies that would ask you to report to the office for a couple of days and would allow you to work at home for the remaining days.

Some of you might be wondering if how they could do that. Actually, working at home might be comfortable but distractions will always be present and it is up to you if how you would handle it. Working at home requires you to have a computer and a fast internet connection. When you are an IT professional who is working at home, there is a big possibility that the company has issued you a service laptop. Some companies might even pay for the internet connection of their employees.

There would also be times that you would be working at home due to the bad weather or unavoidable problems. Now, it is already the start of the rainy season and it is very possible that you just need to work at home due to the fact... that you cannot go to the office because of the flood.

Working at home lets you manage your own time as long as you could finish the task given. Employees who work at home might enjoy the benefits of it but it also has its own disadvantages. A very common disadvantage for employees who works from home is that they are having a hard time balancing their time for work and their personal life. Even if they are at home and it is not time to work, they feel like they are still working.

Work and your personal life are two different things and it would still be very important to at least know how to balance them especially if you already have your own family. In working at home, I would suggest to have a specific room that you will be using whenever you are working. Leave all your work inside that room and only work inside that room. That way, you would still feel like you are inside an office, working.

If you are currently enjoying the perks of working at home, never abuse it because besides the comfort, you are only a few steps away from your family which means that you could spend more time with them but then again, know how to balance your time from work and your time for your loved ones.

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