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The danger of running a computer without an antivirus

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 21 Jun, 2011 17:42:27

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For those who are not yet familiar with what an antivirus is. An antivirus from the name itself is a program that is in charge of protecting computers from viruses. A computer virus is also a program that can damage your system, delete your files or make your system slow down.

Many users think that having a computer without an antivirus is safe, think again. As we all know, computer viruses won’t stop and will be present for the next years and generations to come. A virus is also created by a human but why do they create viruses? Do they just create this for fun or to destroy?

Running your computer without an antivirus is not a good idea. Without antivirus, your system is vulnerable to millions of viruses especially if you are using the internet. You are also prone to viruses from USB flash disks, cd’s, dvd’s, external hard drives and more. A single virus can even penetrate your system which can cause damage to your computer. It can even delete important files and documents inside your hard drive.

Back then where computer games were starting to became really popular, I once saw a new game at the mall. As a gamer, the new game caught my attention and i was so excited to play the new game so I bought it and I rushed home and then immediately turned on my computer, inserted the CD on my CD drive and I began to install the game. I was surprised that after installing the game, my computer restarted and won’t boot. I found out that the CD contained a virus which basically deleted all my documents, projects, assignments and everything. At that point, I have no choice but to reinstall my operating system. Running a computer without an antivirus back then was a mistake. It didn’t just caused damage to my system but the virus deleted everything completely.

A computer virus is not that easy to remove, it will require someone who knows computers. It is not just a typical file where you can just delete it whenever you want. To make sure that your system is fully protected, install a trusted antivirus on your system and also make sure that it updates automatically. Having an antivirus is not enough because new viruses are created almost every day. This is the reason why you must make sure that you have an UPDATED antivirus database to prevent viruses penetrating your system.

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