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The Difference between Spamming and Effective Advertisement on Blogs

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 16:36:49

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Recently, I’ve read a very applauding blog post. But more than the article, what had caught my attention is the following comment below it. The comment says nasty words, bringing down the article and its author. Surprisingly, it had a link to a site with same industry as the author appears to be.

If you’re a client, would you patronize people who put down competitors personally? Of course no one will. This example is tells the basic difference between spamming and effective advertisement. Spams are unwanted and utterly annoying, while effective advertisements are convincing. They’re like heaven and hell…so different, so opposite. Nevertheless, there is a thin line separating these two things-intentions. Spamming is selfish and aims pure gain if not evil, while effective advertisements promote improvement and greater good for credibility.

If you’re one of those who aim for greater traffic for your site, read on. There are ways you can promote your site, without appearing like a cunning wolf. If you’d comment on popular articles, always be polite. Take on the positive aspects- praise the content, commend the author. However, don’t write your comment without reading first what the article is all about. Readers will only find you annoying if you’ll post a comment with no direction with your advertisements.

You can also check and do a constructive criticism, but be sure they’re acceptable to readers it. Show intelligence and wit in answering online. Once you get this habit, you’ll have more effective advertisements by including your site link next to your name. People find polite marketers appealing. When you’ve created a circle of networks through online socialization, you’ll have wider ranging spread of ads. Your networks will surely be more than willing to help you without any payment. No advertisement works better than networking.

Just have in mind to help others, even if they’re competitors. Good karma has its own way of you back for your good deeds. Summarizing this article-you need politeness, credibility, and knowledge of great archiving sites for your industry.  If you have these three things, you won’t need any expert help for effective advertisements. People nowadays involve the virtual world in their daily living. If you know how to communicate well with people, effective advertisement is far more achievable. Who knows, you might even build a corporate empire out of genuine communication.  There are enormous possibilities out there if you have a good heart.

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