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The don'ts during preparing CCNA exams

by: Melissa Reyes | 11 Jul, 2010 07:30:54

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Time counts!

In whatever you do, there must always be management or simply we call scheduling. For instance, as you prepare yourself for the CCNA exam, making plan for your study time is precisely necessary. Some consideration are to what you are going to learn, what time will you be able to study, what are the things to be prioritized and of course what are things need not to think and do during-studying?

Among them are cell phones, televisions, computer and other people that may disrupt your study time.

I dissuade you to use your computer very often because take it or leave it, it may tempt you to surf other information irrelevant to your studies or intentions. Honestly, information from the internet can contribute much to your studies however, it would be more appropriate if these will be put in black and white for you to read. Surely if you just read in the computer, you learn or absorb less. Furthermore, your surfing may end up viewing or playing games.

You are into watching television, however this time; put this idea behind your head. Mind you, watching TV is addictive, you said you prepare your self but it may end up watching your favorite TV show. You are spoiling your time!

Your head is on your books and other review material actually it is your scheduled time, but out of nowhere, your cell phone rings, you immediately look at your cell phone who’s calling you, then instinctively pressing the keypad and start talking. This is truly inescapable circumstances, your reviewing goes to chatting on the phone.  In this event, you need to off your cell phone. To tell you, many live without cell phones.

Do not take time for granted, these are the things we need to sacrifice for you to attain your purpose-to study for the exam. This is absolutely worth sacrificing!

What to study is important as well to consider. CCNA candidates need to plan the time he studies with books, what time to practice in real situation more particularly on Cisco routing and networking then the time for the practice test. 

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