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The **** Mistakes Most Reviewees Make When Studying

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 25 May, 2011 15:00:29

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To some, taking exams is same as gambling. There are people you least expect to pass but manage to pass. Others even top exams. There are also school and career achievers who unfortunately fail test. These instances make people wonder what went wrong. Answering this dilemma, here are the common mistakes most reviewers make when studying.

Taking it easy. This is the most intentional mistake you’ll ever commit when you’re preparing for exams. However, many still fall for this shortcoming. Probably, it’s because of too much confidence. Indeed having confidence is good, but too much of it can blind your judgment on the status of your readiness.

Procrastinating. Among the listed herein, procrastinating is the most committed mistake reviewers make. Unlike the later on this list, which is quite obvious, you may not notice procrastination. Some reviewees are taking time to eliminate things that hinder their concentration, not knowing it already destroys their studying habit.

Relying on classmates. There are some reviewees who become so amazed with their intelligent classmates, to the extent that they’re expecting these guys can bring the whole group up. Taking exams and passing it is an individual feat. Yes, you may form a studying group. But still, it’s your sole job to fill your mind with the lessons.

Indulging on wrong methods of reviewing. This includes cheating, and Q&A memorization, which are usually committed by some who wants to pass exams in fast and easy way. You may hear some got lucky in doing these things, but would you bit your integrity and future to pass exam? It’s still always best to take the right path to pass exams.

Not choosing the right review and training institution. If you want to pass exams, you need to have a solid foundation of your knowledge and skills, which you’ll only gain in a comprehensive training. Look for a training institution that is committed to excellence, and dedicated to the goodness of its students. Choose the review school that produced passers and achievers in your field.

Passing certification exams requires right decision in choosing your training ground, your discipline, dedication, and perseverance. There are no shortcuts. You have to feel the hunger for success and strive for it, in order to achieve it.

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