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The **** Mistakes Most Students Make When Doing School Works

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 10 Jun, 2010 07:55:01

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If you’re constantly having trouble doing your school projects and assignments, you might be doing some mistakes you’re not aware of. These mistakes are often committed due to wrong perception and unawareness. Moreover, the boundary between teachers and students make it even harder to work out issues. These issues hinder the cycle of learning, as it continues undetectably.   

This article will give you idea what they are for you to resolve your problem at once.  Here are the **** mistakes most students make when doing school works.

  1. Not Asking When Something Is Still Vague. You aren’t expected to know everything when you enter school. You are supposed to learn, not exhibit your ingeniousness. So, it’s okay to ask if you don’t understand something with regards to your assignments and school work. You won’t be able to do them if you don’t understand what exactly you have to do. There’s no harm in asking your teacher. They even more appreciate students who ask. They are signals that you’re exerting effort to learn.
  2. Assuming Submission Is On The Farthest Possible Date of Next Class. Often when there’s a possibility that the next class is not going to take place, and happens to be a day for submission of a school work; most students already assume that the submission is delayed. If your professor would consider late submission, then you wouldn’t have to worry. However, this is not always the case. There are instances when teachers want to assert the importance of dedication by being strict with deadlines. Thus, it’s better to work on your assignments before the soonest possible date of next class. Do your obligations the earliest you can. At least, you wouldn’t be bothered with dread deadlines anymore.
  3. Failure to Follow Directions. This is the most committed mistakes by almost every student, including me (“--”). Students often slip up in following guidelines because they are always in a hurry to take results. Directions and guidelines are often oversighted, because students have the wrong perception that same tasks come with same directions.  To avoid this mistake, have the habit of reading or hearing out first directions before anything else. In this way, you would understand clearly what to do and you may even have an idea how to fasten things up the right way.

Just have in mind these mistakes most students do, so you would check yourself if you’re being prone to be doing same lapses.

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