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The effect of spending too much time in front of the computer.

by: Melissa Reyes | 21 Aug, 2010 07:56:35

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           Discoveries and inventions of technologies become more and more advanced and developed rapidly as it is welcomed in the four corner of the world. However, the drawback of it is that humans sometimes underestimate the benefits and eventually abuse its usefulness. For instance, parents regarded computers as the best resource of the education of their children, adversely; they overuse computers for games or chat. The negative effects are very evident, one of which is physiological and the other is psychological. Before they realize, they are already addicted to it.

            Compared to watching TV, excessive amount of time spent in computers causes eye-strain as obviously one of the physiological effects. Though there are other means to protect the eyes like screen filter but this doesn’t guarantee because the eyes normally get tired and even easily dehydrated because of electromagnetic waves. Not only that, Computer also affects brains cells that may lead to severe headaches or to brain tumor or even to leucosis. Specifically,  most teenagers nowadays are not physically fit due to lack of exercises because they sit long time using the computer.

             On the psychological effect, playing games such as Vice City, War Craft, or Counter Strike makes children exposed to violence. What they see even though violent are just normal things and even carried on to the real world. Their interpersonal relationship is inevitably slows down for they gradually lose their sensitivity to others. Moreover, it somehow worsens the relationship to others for they prefer facing their computer than talking with other friends as well as their families.

                 To conclude, inventions like computer are very useful to human beings only if they know how they manage their time properly along with the choice of what is beneficial to them. Almost everyone knows the value of computer but tends to forget the disadvantages of too much time in it. Parental guidance is still highly recommended.

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I am user of computer for almost 8 years and there is a problem in my eyes? what is the first thing to do?

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