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The Future of Internet

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 29 Nov, 2010 22:17:29

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Worldwide web has gone through dramatic changes in the past few months. Now I’m going to discuss the future of the internet and what are the astounding outcomes to expect.

Just recently, the “Giants” in internet sites and innovations have come to an agreement between their companies to sign a contract that binds them to merge their signature chat sites. Among these internet innovators and corporations who have graced the union are the following: MSN, AIM/ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Skype.

Now, as these companies agreed to combine their chat activities together, they come to connect the links all in just one site. This website was already been launched but only a few people know how to get in there and very seldom visible in an online link and webpage.

The site will feature the combined characteristics and qualities of the 7 primary chat programs on the internet. These are chat properties of MSN which is windows live messenger, AIM/ICQ chat box, My Space chat, Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger, Google talk, and Skype call and messaging. This site will act as all-in-one chat and call package where you can interact with all your friends from different chat programs using the same site and likewise call them at the same time.

You can hear just one beeping sound when someone from your friends’ list sends you chat or pms. Calling friends using the site is enabled so you can call whoever is online from whichever chat link they’re in. The convenience of having this site merging all major chat sites are you don’t have to login to different chat programs one at a time, you can just simply enter either your yahoo or facebook e-mail account and password, then presto!, you can chat to everyone available online who are in your buddy list.

The innovative feature of the site enables one to communicate to everyone in just one single site. For one to experience the benefits and features of the site, you may go to, enter your username (yahoo messenger, windows live messenger, skype, etc.), then it automatically links all your chat programs at once. So from that point, you can simply enter your chat messages or call your friends online and set your self free from all worries. No more hassles going from one chat program to another, just login to the site your day is done.

This innovation really upgrades the way we chat from the past. From traditionally logging-in to different chat programs, now there is only one site which could do it all for you. You can login to one chat site and it automatically links you to different chat programs more than what you can imagine. We never did realized that this modernized chatting technology could ever happen, but now it is. It’s very simple to do. All you have to have are chat programs like Google talk, yahoo messenger, windows live, skype, and the like.

This is truly a dream come true for all chat enthusiasts. Enjoy chatting!

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