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The Importance of an IT Team in a Company

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Jun, 2011 22:46:08

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How important is an IT person in your company? Is it really necessary to hire one? This might be the questions that you’re asking yourself.  For the record, it is really necessary to have one. Just imagine a company with computers without even one IT person assigned? What if problems occur? There will be a big problem on the part of the company because no one will fix problems regarding computers. This could even cost you to lose money because of computer problems. That’s why it is really important to have someone who can troubleshoot various computer problems for your company. In this article, I’ll be discussing about the different positions that a company normally needs.

Technical support / technical engineer – Normally, the said persons are the ones who repair or troubleshoot problems concerning your computers. They are the one in charge in setting up workstations. They also do the reformatting, updating, monitoring and more. They are basically the very first to be called regarding computer problems.

Network engineer – As the name itself, they are the one who handles the computer network of the company. They are in charge in installing new hardware devices for networks, maintaining the network, networking equipments, troubleshoots network problems/errors. They are also the one who maintains the users of the company and even the server.

System Administrator – In a company, a good system administrator is very important because he’s the one who checks everything. He is the one who monitors the works of a technical engineer and a network engineer. He is responsible of making sure that the company’s systems, networks and servers are in good condition. A system administrator must have a good background when it comes to both hardware and software problems because they will be the one to handle problems that a technical support or a network engineer can’t handle.  

IT Team leader – The IT lead is in charge of making sure that the team is working together to produce the best result possible. A good team leader must have the ability to motivate his people, has a responsible attitude, professional and most importantly, has a very good decision making ability. If the said skills are possessed by a team leader, the company would have a peace of mind.

If one of them is missing or has a poor performance, you will be having problems but if you have a good IT team, they could minimize computer related problems in your company. To improve your IT team’s skills, make sure to train them to gain additional knowledge that they could use in your company. A good training will really help boosts their skills and knowledge when it comes to computers or networks.

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