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The Importance of Education: Why Nerds are better than Jerks

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 02 Aug, 2010 16:59:13

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Just this morning, a relative came in my house. She seeks assistance as his husband is bed ridden. No one, even their own children couldn’t afford to send him for medication. I’ve seen how the couple strived for their children’s education. Unfortunately, these “brats” didn’t appreciate their parent’s sacrifices. During school hours they were often seen outside school premises, having fun with fellow jerks. Of course, as a result, they failed and later halted their studies.

I can still picture her teary eyes. Huh….. What a cruel payback for their kindness and hardships.

Most studs these days pay attention on how they could be “in”-wear trendy outfits, hold on latest gadgets, befriend the most popular fellow studs, and join the most fun activities in and out the school. While these guys are having fun; the crowd outcast, so called “nerds”, work hard in aiming for high grades. They often suffer social discrimination just because they’re viewed of being “straight”.

What’s wrong with doing the right thing? Is this what had come into our youth’s mind? Doing your obligation makes you an outcast, and being a jerk will make you “cool”?

There’s nothing wrong with having fun. It only becomes unjustifiable when you push aside your studies because of it. Socialization isn’t bad, as long as it doesn’t do you harm. True friends are those who take concern on your wellness and success, not on how much time you’d spent with them in fun. Avoid people who will drag you to negativity. They’ll bring you in a lot in trouble and later on your failure.

Think of your future. What do you want in life? Would you want to suffer poverty? Would you want to rely on your parents forever? Create a good foundation for your future and study hard. Set aside things that aren’t important. There are ways of having fun without compensating your future. Take pride on aiming for excellence in education. Once you had the taste of good grades, you’ll feel more satisfaction. Indeed, it’s a long and hard road to take on. Nevertheless, what waits on the end of this road is your true happiness and well-being.

Have in mind that not all “happy things” will lead you to goodness. Hard taken endeavors like studying will lead you to success. Don’t be among those who had regrets. Be among the few who have great career out of perseverance.

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