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The Importance of Organized Email

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 15:14:29

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Emails are the most important means of communication these days. If you have an internet access, they’re the most convenient and comprehensive mode of exchange of files you can have. These are few only of the several reasons why almost everyone have email accounts. However, almost everyone also does not put importance in organizing emails.

Have you ever experienced finding for an important file among a bunch of unsorted emails? Did you encountered several emails from same person you don’t know and each day he clutters your email with junks? If you know how to organize your email, you won’t have any problems same as the sited above. Learn to use the features of your email in your advantage. They weren’t made for nothing.

First, sort all the emails you have in your inbox. Delete unwanted emails and create folders for sorting out others. The folders should manage all your problems in separating emails for different purposes, engagements, or people. Next thing you should do is to evaluate your contacts. Delete contacts you don’t know, but retain those who are bugging you around with spams. You can use these details so you can filter out their emails and distinguish them as spams.

Use filters and assign incoming emails to the folders you’ve made according to subject or contact name. In this way you can easily distinguish which are important and which are not. You can also readily access files whenever you need them without wasting much time. Don’t forget the spams. Assign to spams the contacts who are bullying you with junks.

Now you’re done! You can also add picture if you haven’t got any for your profile. With your email organized, you won’t feel any longer dread as you open your inbox. You wouldn’t be bothered as well by cyber bullies.

Moreover, remember to always change passwords to prevent identity fraud, as hacking and phishing are everywhere. It would also help if you’ll create other email accounts for different purposes. Have different emails for socialization, work, and other specific uses. Don’t share your email password to others, even if they’re your husband, boyfriend, or sister. Maximized email security is advisable especially if it has direct access to your financial assets.

Have in mind that comes with the convenience of usage is the convenience of fraud and deceit. Many people had already gone through troubles, just because they aren’t taking precautionary measures.

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