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The major secrets of SEO task: The Do It Yourself Guide

by: Melissa Reyes | 29 Sep, 2010 13:20:40

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The amount of time spent for designing your website doesn’t make any difference. Likewise, the amount of money being dispensed can never be the tool to strike up friendship. I am not referring to somebody but being friendly to a search engine more specifically to Google which is the biggest search engine firm nowadays. To be able to be friendly with Google is easy, just optimize your website. Yet everybody knows that SEO or search engine optimization is now a buzzword to programmers. Thereby, many SEO experts are already familiar with the techniques to make website optimized. But I am not saying you need to hire them to make your website optimized because you yourself can make your website optimized. This article aims to explain further how a search engine brings you to higher rank.

First, you need to know very well the effective techniques of optimization such as keywords, link building and articles. Adding on animation, robots or other enticing features can never be a help to lead to the final goal of your site i.e.  to get higher SERP or Search Engine Result Position. Designing your web in more meaningful contents is one way to optimize your website. Make it sure that your website is easily found.

Second, you need to be friendly to the spiderbots of the search engine because these are software that crawl to the websites via internet. They are using complex algorithms to rank every website. Once these spiderbots pass to your website and analyze your HTML code, these spiderbots gathered meaningful search and store the data. Thus, it is necessary for you to optimize your HTML code. As a result, you don’t need to struggle much to get your website on the first page. Once your HTML code is optimized, the spiderbots will do all the rest.

Lastly, it is also necessary to know the disadvantages of link building as well as updating your web pages. This sometimes impedes the crawling of spiderbots to your site. Constant changing is not helpful, link unnecessary web pages to your site could be scourge to your goal. Be patient.

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