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The pros and cons of internal and external storage drives

by: Melissa Reyes | 14 Jul, 2010 16:46:18

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You are in a dilemma. You hardly make a decision whether internal storage drive is used or external storage device is more proper. Your decision signifies the needs and it is not only the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

 You must further be educated at first. It’s not because you need it or simply like external storage or internal but you have to consider as well some pros and cons of both. Let’s look at its both sides:

First, if you wish to buy external hard drive, the set up would be much easier more especially if you are a beginner or have just a little knowledge about computer. Simply plug the cable of the USB, and then install what drivers needed and start using it.

Second, what is beneficial of the external memory drive is that that other users can access or share. You can use it as easy as it is because you can plug it and play in any machine or you can transport to your home, school, and work or for personal purposes. It all depends on the individual needs. However, external storage is definitely slower.

On the other side of the coin, the internal drives which is connected directly to the computer via ATA/IDE busses and so therefore, data transfer faster than USB. Compare to external storage which basically has casings, internal drives is cheaper.

The disadvantages of using internal memory are something to do with convenience. Unlike USB, you can not transfer or share to other users.

Take into account during-making decision.

  1. speed
  2. backup storage
  3. security and privacy

In conclusion, the most beneficial account to internal storage device is its price because of it is cheaper and another is that it works faster than external storage. But its drawback is the difficulty of transferring and installation. You have to invest a package software device along with hardware devices.  In the same way, the advantage of using USB is its convenience and accessibility.

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