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The Release Of The Latest App From Microsoft Will Hit By Storm

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 18 Dec, 2010 20:25:25

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Microsoft Corporation is continuing its competition against Google by launching Bing and other apps for mobile services which will make the fight stiffer.

Since 2009, the market share of Bing is unprecedented and still growing remarkably. Bing is now holding about more than 11% of the market share which is still unsurpassed Google’s 66% market slice, but majority of the users preferred Bing these days.

Another thing to look up to is Bing’s version updates on iOperating System tools and mobile apps to match Android of Google. The regular updating of Bing’s platform will eventually turn it to all-purpose resource adding its innovative features which will humble mobile phone apps from Google.

There are many factors for Bing to become an all-purpose alternative matching all other apps from Google and Apple. Here are the possibilities:

  • Layout make up

While Google’s app may still have an old school look, Bing’s new menu layout with a Zune touch will feast your eyes. Microsoft will be making more innovative moves for its platform in time with their search engine low market share, updates on their all-purpose mobile phone app, and improvement actions for their Web search capacity. As a heads up, Bing will never outranked Google because of an Enron-like scandal in accounting or server meltdown barring.

  • Direction guide 

Microsoft Corporation is now ready to publicized Bing’s Direction as guide for users in Vancouver, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and New Jersey, which may eventually replace the use of Google Maps as one of the apps for iOperating System. With this tool available, the user will have the options to choose a route or destination, while with iPhone you will only have a single option and there’s no possible way to re-route as per Google Maps.

  • Reminder notification 

Bing sends a notice to remind you of the right location if you set a note on your phone for the exact place where you are intending to go. This feature is ideal for people who are always on the go and can’t keep any notes to straighten their way going to the right place.

  • Streetside

Streetside is the new mapping feature from Bing that presents a multi-street level view of a place which you can virtually walk around the vicinity and check the landmarks around it. On this app, there are store fronts, names of streets, business listings, constructed sidewalk view, and also you can slide the street-level sideways which comes as imaginary scenery.

  • Event planner

You can make your own events from your phone through Facebook once your account is linked with Bing. With this app, you can share the incoming events on your wall in Facebook, which you can also include the exact location of the place along with notes, whether it’s about a night-out, movie galore, or a simple fine dining date.

  • Integration of social networking sites 

You don’t have to leave the use of Bing app once you are already logged in to your Windows Live Messenger, Foursquare, or Facebook accounts with its social networking sites integration feature. Likewise, when you are in Facebook you can click-like the sites or pages that you visited once you are connected with Bing.

  • Theater search 

You can make use of Bing when you like to search on movie houses near your place through the use of smartphone’s GPS. When you make use of the scroll down to see Bing’s list at the bottom, you may find Fandango as the first search result, but it has in no way connected to any merging agreement between the two entities.

  • Eateries and food chains 

You can make use of Bing 2.0 if you want to order online take-outs or if you may need rush dining reservation through the integration of GrubHub and OpenTable. With this feature, you can also search for restaurants or eateries with its corresponding locations, cuisines, costs, or ambiance.


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