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The Secrets of Effective Time Management Revealed

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 15:56:11

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Have you noticed people recently? Everybody seemed to be always in a hurry. I, myself grows tired of running after the minutes and seconds. All I do is work-rest-work-rest-work, until my grandfather died. I realized how precious every moment is and how fast time passes by. From then on, I became determined to budget my time for my family and work, and also for myself. I was eager to have effective time management.

Do you have a fixed written schedule? Go get it, and tore it to pieces! Yes, you read it right tore it to pieces. There’s no such thing as fixed. You’ll only end up wasting time being frustrated that you haven’t finished things according to schedule.

If you’re like me who often forget things, don’t worry I have solution for that. Get a piece of paper. Then, jot down things that you wanted to achieve before the day ends. Don’t list down “things to do”, instead use “today’s achievements”. Even if you haven’t achieve these things yet, they are better achievable once they’re claimed done!

List of things to do will only clutter your mind with how things should come first. It’ll only serve you handicap, eliminating your capability of being flexible. You should be flexible in whatever the day brings. They’re no such thing as “days as expected”. Always expect the unexpected.

Then, do whatever you wanted to do, as long as you can accomplish “today’s achievements”. However, have in mind to keep your list realistic. Don’t list something that is impossible to finish in a day. Be kind to yourself. Remember, you haven’t got any superpowers for time management.

As I said, do whatever you wanted to do. Take your family out for a walk. Sing or dance. Do whatever your heart pleases. It’ll stop you from regretting how you spent each of your days. Aside from avoiding procrastination, this way you’ll gain more energy for the following day. When your spirit feel rejuvenated, your body will feel the same.

Some of these days’ illnesses are because of stress, negative mentality, and other mind status effects. These things will be avoided if you know how to take a break once in a while and give yourself what you wanted. Feel free and be who you are. Know what your heart really seeks and aim for it now. This is the secret of effective time management…nothing more, nothing less.

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